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How to ward off Burglars

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Generally a vacation is one of the unforgettable moments in life where the long hours of working at a job finally pays off. Each and every people in this world try to relax themselves for some moment. But in life nothing is more disappointing than returning to your burglarized home from a great trip. Thus the burglary is very common these days and occurs casually in many homes. If you are planning to spend some quality time to relax and enjoy life then you shouldn't worry about your home and your prized possessions. Thus by increasing the security of your home, you can feel free.

Nowadays there are many things that you can do to increase the security of your home while you are away. Placing a security alarm system is the best way to ward off the burglars. But if you are not able to erect the system, then there are some methods used to ward off the burglars by fooling them and making them to think that you are at home to increase your home security.

  • It is the simplest method and can be used by all. You can hire a house sitter. A house sitter is a person appointed to check your house a few times per day and to make sure that everything is alright. This person would be more responsible for some normal activities which helps to make your house to be more active with more people. Then find some reliable house sitters so that you can hand over the keys with more satisfaction. If you cannot hire a house sitter ask your nearest neighbor to keep an eye on your home if something suspicious happens.
  • Always give your phone number, email address or any method of contacting you directly to the in-charge person.
  • Then by Turning on the lights at night, watering the garden and by feeding your house, you can make your house active enough.
  • There are many timers available in the market nowadays. you can install them to various appliances to give a false impression that someone is inside your house. Some of these timers may even be already in your home like radio and television timers. Some similar timers are light timers and machine timers.
  • If you possess a garden, it is a good idea to cut your lawn when you are away for several weeks So that your house does not appear to be abandoned.
  • The mail is also a best method to make your house look abandoned quite fast. An overstuffed mailbox is the first sign which lead the people to think about your house. So tell your neighbor to help you on this by picking up the daily mails.
  • If it is impossible to find a house sitter and you do not have a timer for your TV, then tell your neighbor to turn on your TV daily in the evening.

Thus We all love vacations. It is very important to relax us from our daily activities. To make your vacation more better then you have to leave your house with the greatest peace of mind. So by using the above methods and protecting by an intruder alarm, you can be more happy and can also enjoy with your family!