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Floor Safes - The Best Protection Against Robbery, Fire and Water

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Product Description

Generally, every time when you leave the house, you make sure all the doors and windows are locked. Then you can switch on your timer lights, so it keeps your house too lively. Then you can upgrade to store your spare key with your neighbors for some emergency purposes. But these precautions don't always work correctly.

Thus to be more precautions, try to install a floor safe. Normally, the floor safes are used by the stations, fast food restaurants, stores and home owners. The AMSEC is the leading manufacturer of floor safes which has been innovating, ruling the safe industry for more than 60 years.

The Am Sec's Square Door Floor Safe features consists of a heavy duty dead bar behind the hinge, which prevents the removal of the door even if the hinges are removed by the burglar. Normally, it consists of a spring loaded re locking device which is activated by a punching attack. The general lock and re locks have 1 million possible combinations which are protected by a large hard plate. It is a type of the BRUTE safe series, which meets the requirements of the Burglary Insurance.

The affordable and simplest of the American Security floor safes are the Mini-Brute B400. It is big enough to store everything. Generally, it is like the Square Door safe with the lock and re lock device, protected by the steel guards. Another option is the baffled drop slot in the door for deposits and the door can work as a convenient, reversible lift-out. The Concealment is simple wheres the body has a flush cover plate. Thus, it can be easily covered by a rug or a carpet and it is unnoticeable.

The STAR Tube are one of the most popular safes for many different business and homes, it is used for more than 50 years. It should be properly installed in a concrete floor, provides maximum protection from not only burglary but also from fire and water damage. Thus, it is the best way to protect your valuables and safe guard them correctly. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 30% of the burglaries happen only through an unlocked window or door. The important steps announced by them are,

  • At first you shouldn't leave a sign, that you are away from the house. Because, they can easily take your name from your mailbox . So try to clear your mailbox as soon as possible, to prevent robbers from getting your name.
  • Another important way is to turn down the volume of the phone. Because, the loud answered ring is an invitation to the burglars. since it always means that you are not in home.
  • Then Disguise your home and make your home lively. Leave a few lights in different rooms and then make sure to close the blinds.
  • Don't leave the upholding out. Because, the ladder helps the burglar to reach the upstairs window easily.

Thus no one wants to have a deal with a burglary. So, try to follow some simple precaution techniques and then do some simple research on the floor safes to find the suitable one!