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Advantages of an Electronic Key Cabinet

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Product Description

Generally, it is very important for a businessman to keep his facilities, vehicles and other important business property secured. Most of the companies have so many keys for keeping their buildings and cars locked. Sometimes using those keys may confuse us and get collapsed. Thus an electronic key cabinet can help us to keep all these keys organized in one central location and secure them within a locked box. So only authorized individuals can access those keys. A key cabinet is an organizational tool which is an important part of the business security system.

Normally there are two main forms of key cabinets. They are,

  • Locking key cabinets
  • Electronic key cabinets.

For personal use or a very small business, a simple locking key cabinet with only a few keys is used in more number. However for larger businesses or entities a greater degree of security is required and an electronic key cabinet is suitable for the same and it offers several advantages.

Advantages of an electronic key cabinet:
  • The first advantage of the electronic version is that, it is easier to provide some access to multiple individuals and has many physical keys. They just need an access code to the keypad on the cabinet.
  • Another advantage is that, the electronic key cabinets come with more features and high levels of security. The Access codes can be programmed and re-programmed using thousands of possible combinations. Some of these cabinets come out with a wrong pass code , which is entered and will deny entry after a certain number of failed attempts. This makes it virtually impossible for someone who is not authorized to gain access to the cabinet. There are many tracking mechanisms which can track the usage of access to the cabinet and the usage of the keys.

Then the electronic versions are generally with an option for the high grade steel as well as high security code options, whereas locking the key cabinets do not generally have the higher level materials or security features. The Electronic key cabinets generally run on a simple batteries with a low battery indicator signal. Even when the batteries are low or die, the access codes will still be active.

Thus Locking those key cabinets work well for a simple key storage needs and for the personal use or small businesses. These cabinets are inexpensive and can do the job well with some sophisticated security measures. However, for larger businesses or entities which require higher levels of security and other additional features, the electronic key cabinet is the better option and worth for the extra money.