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UCA 3241 Heavy Duty Electronic Pushbutton Latch Lock with PC Programming and Audit Trails

UCA 3241 Heavy Duty Electronic Pushbutton Latch Lock with PC Programming and Audit Trails
Item# 3241
Reg. $329.00
Sale Price: $296.10
Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Product Description

With this new heavy duty lock you can pre enter codes that are effective for only specific time periods or dates. This can be done with either PIN numbers (codes) or with optional ibuttons (Dallas Chips).This is a very handy feature for rentals. The ultimate renters lock and no recurring monthly fees! Can be used with or without optional software and PC cable. The optional software pack is for downloading audit trails and easy programming.

More on Data Chips or ibuttons: Corby Data Chips contain sophisticated electronics to store a personal identification number in a coin shaped, sealed, stainless steel canister. This superior design allows the Data Chip to be easily attached to any smooth surface including existing photo ID cards, badges, or keychains. Innovative packaging protects the electronic circuits inside the canister from dirt, moisture, corrosion and static discharge.

Touching a Data Chip to the reader instantly transfers a 46 bit data stream of digital data which allows the user access to a secure area. Unlike keys or other security cards, the Data Chip is user-forgiving... it doesn't need to be precisely aligned to transfer its digital data.

General Features:

  • Extra heavy duty for heavy usage
  • Very compact design. No other electronic lock has a smaller foot print
  • Access Type: iButton or Keycode or Dual Access Glow in the dark touchpad
  • Set Up Method: Use Function Code to setup user from Keypad
  • Light up keypad
  • User Capacity: 299 pin codes
  • Auto Lock Function: Set the lock to automatically lock at preset time
  • Storeroom Mode or Classroom Mode - always locked on the outside and always free to unlock from the inside
  • User time lockout: Optional set time restricted user
  • Choose either model Type: Software version and non software version
  • Set time restricted user - you control the time and date any user can unlock with eith the software or non software model

Hardware Features:

  • Comes with one free iButton
  • Keypad - 12 numeric buttons
  • Handle (Lever): Easy to reverse for left or right hand installations
  • Power Supply: 4 standard AA batteries
  • Battery Life Expectancy: 10,000 operations, low battery warning when system drops below 4.8 volts
  • Finishes: Stainless Steel, or Brass
  • Handles: Lever type
  • Key Bypass: Standard on all units
  • Door Preparation: Standard and easy 2 1/8 inch diamter ANSI A115 Series Prep, modified by adding additional 5/8 through-bolt holes to add stability to the lock and increase security
  • Strike Plate ANSI Standard 115.3. 1-1/8 x 2-3/4 inch T strike with 1-1/4 lip-to-center dimension.
  • Choose either 2 3/4 inch or 2 3/8 inch backsets with 1/2 inch throw. A standard one inch diameter bore is required.
  • Each Lock includes 2 keys (Schlage type C 6 pin keyway)
  • Materials: Tough Zinc Alloy
  • Working temperature: 0F-120F (-18C-50C) - Exposure to All weather conditions are OK but inside part of the lock should not be directly exposed to the weather
  • Can be used on door thickness of 1 3/8" to 2"

Program Features:

  • Keypad Functions: Temporary codes, Permanent codes
  • Memory Retention Flash memory never loses memory even without power
  • Programming / Communication Method iButton program key, no annoying wires
  • iButton Functions Time zones for lock function (automatically unlock or lock), fully programmable exception dates (holidays), temporary dates, and time zones for iButton key users
  • IButton User Capacity 500
  • Anti-tamper Red-warning light stays on for 60 seconds after 3 invalid entries