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Depository Safes Make For Secure Cash and Calm Employees

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Product Description

Depository Safes protect the cash in your store from would-be thieves, while relieving employees of the stress having an overflowing cash drawer causes. As a former cashier at a busy discount store, I know how quickly your cash piles up, and how scary it is feeling responsible for it. Depository Safes relieve the pressure, leaving you and your employees better focused on customers.

Depository Safes are especially indispensable on weekends, when you have more customers, and more cash coming in. The Saturday rush is typically cash-heavy, as people have just received their paychecks. Help keep this cash safe and easily tucked away with one of our functional, affordable depository safes.

Our depository safes are most commonly sold to retail stores for mounting near the cash registers, allowing employees to make 'drops' as necessary, but they are also great for personal use. Ideal for all situations businesses to bake sales depository safes make a smart investment for school fund raisers, or as a money collection center for a candy sale in your office. They can also be used in the home, as a traditional safe with the option to drop extra cash (great for waitresses!).

For the ultimate in modern security, our Lighted LCD Depository Safes are sleek and smart. Repeatedly entering the wrong combination locks the system, preventing not only the theft, but alerting you to the attempted break-in via alarm. The powder-coated interior and exterior provide durability and a soft finish, while the solid steel construction makes it completely impenetrable.

Another option is our LED Electronic Safe. This is both simple-to-program and impossible-to-crack! An electronic lock with key override provides the ultimate protection. The simple design is unobtrusive and easily disguised beneath a counter. Grab a simple curtain to cover your safe, and thieves will be none the wiser!

A modest investment in a safe today protects your funds for the future. One small mishap, of theft or misplaced cash, can easily set you back thousands of hard-earned dollars. If you aren't quite ready for a safe, or need even greater portability, check out our selection of Cash Boxes. These can also add to your security line-up on days you're taking business off-site. You owe it to yourself, and your business or savings account, to take simple measures of protection that really add up!