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How Monitored Burglar Alarm System Work

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Have you ever wondered how a security burglar alarm system works? The working condition is so simple. The common set up for a simple alarm system has one or more sensors and a set of a single control panel. when the additional sensors are activated, the control unit is responsible for producing the alarm sound. The alarm systems can be either hard wired or wireless. The wired system are usually connected with cables which ensures the sensor to be powered at all possible times ensuring a reliable operation. But they are difficult to install and costly too.

The important advantage with the wireless system is the ability to detect the tampering and they are easy to install. But they need a constant supervision and maintenance to ensure the working condition. This includes changing batteries since they use transmitters instead of wires to communicate with the control panel.

The Alarm monitoring system are maximum used in the remote output systems. Those systems includes a main control panel which are connected to the predetermined monitors during the configuration. One of the methods used for the configuration is a connection to a central station such as a local authority. For eg: A police station or perhaps a private security company that has a contract with the manufacturer. But the connection to a local police department is more convenient and secure. This type of configuration is more expensive,so it is less popular among people. This systems are probably used in most of the government agencies, banks, school campuses and in places of high security.

Most of the conventional alarm system uses the Public Switched Telephone Network( PSTN). This type of configuration uses a digital phone dialer to communicate with the central station which will announce the alarm. The monitoring system easily finds the location of the sensor that has been triggered in the network with the use of the encoders.

The control panels or the primary dialer used in the system are designed with a backup dialer and can be easily connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network. Then the secondary dialer is connected to a separate phone line or to any other communication devices to evade the PSTN.

When the primary line is disabled or tampered, the alarms can be easily triggered via the secondary dialers. This is the main advantage of the system.

In some critical situations such as the building with the monitored burglar alarm system installed does not have a PSTN,then we can't use the direct line which is too expensive. The solution to this problem is using a mobile device as the main line.

The Monitored burglar alarm systems permits an effective communication between the central station and the home owner with or without an intruder. Most of the systems use the video capturing methods to record the incidents as an evidence and which can be used as a back up.