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A Massive Variety of American Security Safes

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Product Description

Normally, the American Security Safes is a leading US safe manufacturer which are capable of making variety of safes than many of its competitors. Mainly, they concentrate on fire safes and burglary security safes, where the safes are designed to serve a specific purpose.

Most of the companies manufacture the simple,quite common type of the gun safes. In general, they have the regular style of large safe for rifles or long guns which are also capable of holding a variety of other items. A great alternate version for the gun safe is an oak cabinet that looks like a padded bench seat. The lid of the cabinet consists of some hydraulic pistons. So that, the doors can be easily opened and closed. Then the inner wall consists of a full strength safe with multiple locking bolts. They also manufacture some multiple smaller safes which are designed specifically for the handguns.

The American Security safes normally produces many different safes of burglary types. Some of these are basic types such as the cash, key boxes and also some advanced types with many heavy duty electronic security safes. But they also make some great hotel electronic safes. These are specially designed for the hotel guests and are user friendly too. They are designed to secure the cameras, jewelry, laptop computers and other valuables when they are out of their room.

The AMSEC also makes a high security money chests which easily qualifies for the special insurance and bank ratings. Nowadays, there are many secure safes available which has many great features and options. Some of the important options are the spy proof dial, access control systems and a 15 minute time delay lock.

Many depository safes are also manufactured by the American Security Safes. These safes allows a deposit to be made at any time. Besides the basic slot , some have doors that allow for larger deposits like jewelry or other valuables. Normally, these doors have a top or front-loading hoppers, a reverse hopper or a deposit chute.

Then the AMSEC products are generally famous for their unique designs and different types of floor safes. Some of the designs includes the round, canister type floor safe with varied lengths. But the American Security also have a larger, square body floor safes. They safeguard as from both the fire protection and security when installed in a concrete floor.

Besides the floor safes , the AMSEC also manufactures some wall safes which looks more traditional. This style suits most of the small businesses and reduces the theft from both external and internal sources.

The unique type of American Security safes are the vault doors. Thus we can turn an entire room into a secure place to protect a large collection of valuables. In the same way, the storage cabinets are probably used by most of the business people. There are many elegant locking wood cabinets which has both the two and four door options.

So, the American Security safes manufacture a wide range of products to suit anybody's security needs and it focuses on the individual secure needs.

Why to Buy American Made Gun Safes?

After the 1990's, most of the USA gun safe companies turned their eyes to the Far East to reduce the manufacturing costs and nowadays at least 75% of all the gun safes are made in China. The shift was to improve the bottom lines of those manufacturers, who inevitably reduced the quality offered in the market apart from the savings in cheaper manpower and there were also cost reductions in materials and design.

Quality of the Steel:

Generally, the steel is used in the manufacturing of the safes. The vast majority of the steel used to build the safes in China is 25% to 35% than the American Made Steel. The weaker steel is used to construct the body where the safe becomes more penetrable by drills and other specialized tools. The same principle applies to any other part of a safe made out of a mild steel. Thus the quality of the steel can be easily determined by the nature of the steel safes.

Fire board:

One of the important dangers of any household is the Fire and the gun safes should provide adequate fire insulation to protect the firearms like the important documents, memorabilia, or jewelry. The main element to insulate against fire is almost the gun safes with fire board layers and as it is very well known to all. The American made fire board has greater quality and contributes directly to a fire rating of a higher standard.

Body Construction:

The key consideration is used for the six sides and are brought together to confirm the body. On the contrary, most of the American Manufacturers create the body by "bending" one piece of a steel which initially becomes a four sided cube to which the door are added and it is also called as the "uni-body construction" which is tougher for the gun safe.

Bolt work, Re-Lockers & Hard plates:

The Bolt work in the locking system easily grips the safe door which is comprised of several elements which are made of steel. The Re lockers are mechanisms that lock the safe during a burglary attack by re-enforcing the lock of the safe which is under attack. For a punch and drill re lock, an additional steel bolt is to reinforce the safe and it is made cheaply meaning smaller or weaker, it won't protect the lock for long because it only has to be drilled one time to be beaten.


All safe manufacturers claim some offers with the best Warranty in the market. Then, the inferior gun safes do not have the same kind of warranty than a top quality gun safes. Generally, you need to ask for a true "Lifetime Warranty" which includes the free shipping replacement in case of a damaged safe by Burglary or Fire.

Investment for Life:

Off course, the Gun Safes made in the USA tends to be more pricier. But, there are two important advantages. A Gun Safe should be an investment for life and it is not worth to buy them cheap and replace it later. Especially, when heavy items are not easy to transport in and out of a house.

Thus, don't waste your time and money with the cheaper option and try to keep our economy strong while you make the right choice.