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A1 Quality Wall Safes / new a1 quality lighted wall safes

A1 Quality Wall Safes / new a1 quality lighted wall safes
Item# A1Q-WES2114
Reg. $560.00
Sale Price: $277.15
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Product Description

Don't settle for last year’s model wall safes. At 52 Lbs of hardened steel these new a1 quality brand wall safes are 16 Lbs heavier than the competition. Hinges welded to thicker steel walls means high security burglary protection. Its a once in a lifetime decision why not upgrade from our 257-EB model wall safe and for a few dollars more and get the heavy duty premier model WES2114. Now featuring a ultra bright night-light. Go ahead and hide it in a dark closet. Flip the night-light switch on the back of the door and you can see all the contents clearly. The twist knob door ends the hassle of that hard to lock clunky push pull handle. Just a twist of the flush knob and the spring loaded door pops open. And talk about quality the new commercial grade electronic reprogram able keypad lock is one of the best available today. Made to stand years of wear with its heavy-duty number buttons and thin profile. Makes these totally flush design wall safes great to hide behind a picture for a completely flush to the wall application. And with 16 heavy duty lag bolts installation is much stronger than with the competitions standard size screws.


Bright interior night-light illuminates entire contents of wall safe High security 7 pin tumbler pick resistant round vending type manual override key. Powered by 4- AA size(1. 5V) batteries. Compact, easy to conceal behind picture or mirror. Thicker 3mm steel heavy grade steel interior walls Security and power status shown by a series of LED displays and Buzzer feedback for each operation. Electronic lock which is simple to operate and can be programmed with any combination of 3 to 8 personal numbers. 1/4 inch steel front flange eliminating unnecessary re-plastering. 16 heavy duty lag bolts make for stronger installations Fast opening spring loaded door for quick entry


shelves 2 storage capacity .40 cubic feet weight 52 lbs Inside Dimensions ( H x W x D) 20-1/2 x 13-1/2 x 3-1/2 Outside Dimensions ( H x W x D) 21 x 14 x 4