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Black & Decker (Kwikset/WeiserLock) 1166 Powerbolt 1000

Black & Decker (Kwikset/WeiserLock) 1166 Powerbolt 1000
Item #: 1166
Reg. Price: $186.00
Sale Price: $167.40
You Save: 10%

The Weiser Digital Powerbolt lock is a very inexpensive way to take advantage of digital security. Hit the correct combination and the deadbolt retracts. Input several incorrect combinations and it shuts down and sounds a local alarm. Since the powerbolt is a deadbolt and not a latch you will need to actually lock it maually from the outside by pressing a button or from the inside by turning a small knob. It cant lock automatically like a latch lock. It's very easy to install. If you are replacing an existing typical deadbolt with a 2 and 1/8" hole it's even easier.

To lock the powerbolt, simply touch the "lock" button on the keypad and the deadbolt will slide into place. To unlock, just enter your combination and the deadbolt will slide into the unlocked position.

The dual button feature is also available for an extra $15. (Not the Augusta model) The dual button feature is 2 small buttons on the inside that throw and retract the bolt. The mechanical turn knob is on both models so the dual button feature is not really needed unless you would rather push buttons instead of flip a knob.


  • Choose any 4 to 8 digit security code which can be changed as often as you like. A secondary temporary access code can be programmed to provide neighbors or baby sitters limited access
  • Alarm will sounds after 3 consecutive incorrect codes are entered
  • Two conventional keys are provided for backup
  • Takes 4 regular AAA alkaline batteries
  • 2 seperate codes are possible
  • Can be keyed to existing Weiser locks
  • 1 year warranty on the electronics
  • 10 year mechanical warranty
  • Lifetime finish on bright brass! These locks are finished beautifully. They won't tarnish or discolor or corrode
  • Very weather resistant (for even more weather resistance see the special cover below)
  • Adjustable backset for either 2 3/8 or 2 3/4 inches

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